Name: Vinay Singhal He is Co-founder and CEO for WittyFeed. Wittyfeed have 3 Co-founders, Shashank Vaishnav (CTO) and Parveen Singhal (...

Vinay Singhal's Interview

Vinay Singhal
Name: Vinay Singhal

He is Co-founder and CEO for WittyFeed. Wittyfeed have 3 Co-founders, Shashank Vaishnav (CTO) and Parveen Singhal (COO) being the other two. They have a team of 25 who works day and night (literally) to make WittyFeed the number 1 content website in the world.

All 3 of them are SRM University passout. He and Shashank are engineering graduates while Parveen has done B.Sc in Information System Management to suit his profile. This whole thing started in 2010 when they were in the first year of our engineering and Parveen was still in his school. Staring from a service company they have come a long way and launched in October 2014. Since then, it has been a huge success and center of our attention completely.

Q1. What is Wittyfeed ? 

WittyFeed is a modern age blogging platform for charticles (photo stories and listicle). We wish to provide a platform for modern day writers who don't want to write more but want to express themselves using media such as pictures and videos where they can express themselves freely and be discovered by millions of people at the same time. 

Consider us like the YouTube of the content industry. 

We also wish to be a platform where people come on daily basis to read quality stories, stories which usually do not make it to the news headlines and main stream media. We are all about that is trending and goes viral on social media. 

WittyFeed wishes to express opinons and views through minimal pictures and design which can reach out to masses. 

Currently, we are able to hit 1.5-2 million unique visitors on daily basis from all across the world on our website. WittyFeed has 40% of its audience in USA alone. 

Q2. How you got the idea ?

There is a long stroy behind it. Before we started in October last year, we failed at various attempts of creating similar websites. The whole idea of having a content website and making the content go viral on social media originalted in our mind in early 2012 when one of the page we created on Facebook out of pure interest went viral. 

This Facebook page (Amazing Things In The World) introduced us to the possibilities with social media and gave us an idea about what could we achieve if we do it properly. From there on we started and failed with 2-3 different website in the same industry. We were able to generate traffic, but we were not able to generate the brand value that should come with it. 

Witth WittyFeed, we have struck the right chords in almost all areas. We have been able to rank among the top 800 websites in India and 5000 website globally within 6 months of our launch. We have been recognized by Facebook and got a verified bagde recently and we have genrated much more traffic that we were to generate on any of the earlier website we had. 

Q3. Is there any existing service in the market like yours ? if so then how your one is different ? 

Websites like us in terms of content, Yes, but in terms of the concept there is none. Also, our USP is the way we choose to distribute our content and make it viral all over social media. We have unique system which helps us generate the traffic we have today and it is totally scalable as well. 

Q4. How many brilliant minds are behind this awesome idea ?

There are 3 Co-founder and 25 other smart working people who work their asses off to make it all happen. You can find all the details here -

Q5. How your service helps Society ?

WittyFeed aims to be a platform for the modern generation where they can explore and express. We not only provide a platform to express yourselves, we also make sure that your content is discovered by millions of people on daily basis so that it actually matters. 

Q6. What is your ultimate Goal ?

There is no such thing as ultimate goal. We want to becomes the biggest platform for charticles where people talk about their own experiences and share them with everybody else. We want to be the best at what we do and keep doing that over and over. It would be great if we are able to empower everybody on internet with tool as powerful as WittyFeed where they can impact millions of lives by expressing themselves. 

Q7. How much time it took you to setup and execute this awesome idea?

Building a product is an ongoing process. It only starts and never ends. Ever since we went live with a minimal product in October, we have continously added a lot of new features and there a lot of more coming in the coming weeks. 

Q8. Are you using only Facebook Fan page to reach people or any website is there ?

Facebook is the main source of our traffic. We are also available on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and every other social media website.

Q9. Q10 : Why don't you provide an app that displays daily news in this amazing and interesting format ?

Our Android App is already live on the play store and gaining momentum now. We have reached almost 10,000 download there. We have an App for Windows Platform as well. iPhone App is on the way and will be live by the end of this month. 

Q10. What's your plan further ?

WittyFeed is going to expand further with its mission to be the modern age blogging platform for charticles. We are also planning to launch our merchandise very soon so that all our designs can be available in printables such as postersn, t-shirts etc. 

We are not working towards building community specifically for designers but for everybody who wishes to express their opinion or experience in form a photostory.